Food, food, food and a carless Philadelphia

Monday morning blog posts are rare, but since I didn’t post this weekend, I wanted to give a quick update.  I’m guessing it was the weather change, but all I wanted to do this past week was hang out at home in my sweatpants and sweatshirt.  Anyone else feel like that?

(My snapchat from Friday – 50 degrees is not something I want to see in October)

My sister said she was also really tired this week and recommended taking vitamin B, which I did.  It definitely helped, so if you’re feeling sluggish this month, maybe add vitamin B complex to your diet (after talking to your doctor, etc.).

Yesterday, I started listening to the new Mindy Kaling book and so far, it’s great (I’m already over halfway done with it).  She’s so relatable and really makes you feel like you’re not crazy as a 20-30 something trying to figure out your life.  I’m also really enjoying this whole audiobook thing.  I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an entire book before, but it’s convenient for cleaning and doing other chores around the house.  I think I’ll make this a new habit!

Since I stayed in a lot this week, I did some extra simple cooking, as did Mel.

Mel found this awesome simple treat that makes a great breakfast topping.  You fry banana slices (I added apples to mine), add a tablespoon of water and tablespoon of honey mixture, then top with cinnamon.  It’d make a great healthy dessert, too, rather than ice cream or something with more sugar.

(Fried bananas and apples with honey and cinnamon)

I made chickpea ratatouille (another idea from Mel) with a bunch of ingredients from Crooked Row Farm.  It’s also super easy – mix together a can of chickpeas, cut up potatoes, chunks of tomatoes, onion, garlic, and your seasonings of choice (herbs de Lizcious as always for me).  Put on pan and bake/roast for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  This is definitely my new favorite meal.

(Chickpea ratatouille)

Last but not least, Mel made hearty lemon chickpea soup, similar to chicken noodle soup sans the chicken plus orzo instead of noodles – perfect for the chilly weather this weekend.  Did I mention we turned on our heat Friday night?? :X

(Lemon chickpea orzo soup)

Here’s a very similar recipe to the one that Mel used.  She had used chicken broth, rather than vegetable broth, though:

(Reference: Vegan Lemon Chickpea Orzo Soup)

As you probably saw or heard or experienced, the Pope visited Philly last weekend.  Since my last update didn’t include any pictures from it, I’m doing that now!  It was runners’ Heaven with all the streets closed off to cars in popular parts of the city.  I rode my bike around and saw more of Philly over two hours than I’ve seen in the past six years!

(A very empty South Street)
(Historic Philly without cars)

(Finding new murals and street art is one of my favorite pastimes)

There’s now a social movement trying to get streets blocked off in Philly more often during the summer.  I have to say I support this – it’s a pretty cool experience to be able to run/bike/frolick through the open streets of Philly.  Plus I’m behind anything that creates a more sustainable city.  Forcing people to use bikes and/or walk once a week may start something big and a city culture change.  What better city to try this than Philly??

A lot of our friends were out of town for Popeadelphia, so my friend Sarah and I had a fun girls’ date.

(This is on the top floor of a bar on South Street called Tattooed Mom – I’m a big fan)

Discovered this little gem in South Philly on a walk to Target with Mel on Saturday.  I need to come back and try this place since their outside decor is so on point!  Plus, it’s a sandwich shop and sandwiches are one of my top five favorite foods.  It’s called 1st Ward if you’re looking for a place to try in South Philly.

(I love unique and practical decor, especially when it involves plants)

 Apparently it was National Boyfriend Day on Saturday.  As I do not have a boyfriend, I enjoyed going through boyfriend memes for far too long and have to share a few of my favorites:

(I’ll take french fries over a boyfriend any day 😉

(This one had to go on the Instagram – I do love my fridge)

Last note…the first donation was made to Students Run Philly Style last week in the form of $100!  Thank you all for supporting Run Life Co. and Students Run!  This amount may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but it’s more than I can regularly donate out of my pocket, so to me, it’s a significant amount.  Now if we can go up from here, that would be great! 🙂 😉

Enjoy your week!!

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