Back to School Edition: Interview with Megan Stoner, Vice President of Temple’s Running Club

Today, we meet Megan Stoner, Temple University’s Running Club former President and current Vice President. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Megan several times. She’s charming, personable, hard-working, and is an awesome runner. Take a few minutes to check out her story below for running inspiration!
(Ladies of the Temple Running Club in their Run Repeat tanks.)

Q:  When and why did you begin running?
A:  I started running long distance four years ago. Six years ago, I was placed in my high school’s track sprint team and dreaded going to practice. I never made varsity at the track meets. I finally discovered long distance was for me my junior year, and joined the long distance running team my senior year. The biggest influence was my sister, Sam, who was in cross country at the time, and encouraged me to try long distance.

(Megan in her Keep Philly Fit tank – check out her fitness Instagram here.)

Q:  How did you become President (now Vice President) of the Temple Running Club? How long have you been an officer?
A:  I joined the Temple Running Club as a freshman, where I was able to get to know everyone, which at the time was essentially seven people. During my sophomore year, I became more invested in the club because that’s when it was in the process of being an official organization at Temple University.

Shoutout to the co-founders of the club – Amy, Dom, Erica, Kaitlyn, Matt, and others! It wouldn’t be the club it is today without all of their hard work. All of the co-founders, and officers, were graduating, which left another sophomore runner, Zach, and myself as Co-Presidents from Spring 2015 to Spring 2016. This year, I will be Vice President alongside President Barry and four other awesome officers!

Temple Running Club
(Some of the club founders at Relay for Life in 2013)

Q:  What do you love about running?
A:  I love the discipline it teaches. I wake up early almost every morning to run, and there are some days where I just don’t feel like it. Sometimes I let those days win, because you need rest days. But the days I conquer, those are the best days. After a run, I feel accomplished, full of energy, and ready to take on whatever challenges come my way.

(Back on My Feet Track Meet 2015)
Q:  What is your favorite place to run?
A:  My perfect run would be right at sunrise along a river trail. The water is so pretty to look at and it also brings a nice breeze. (Kelly Drive is probably my favorite in Philly).

Q:  What has been your favorite race? Why?
A:  I have to go with my first half marathon as my favorite race to date, the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November 2014. It was perfect running weather – about 48 degrees when it started at 7am. My goal finish time was under 2 hours. With the help of a running friend Lakin for the first six miles, I was able to start strong and keep an average pace of 8:23min/mile finishing at 1:49:99.

(Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon 2015)
Q:  What are some of your other hobbies outside of running?
A:  When I’m not running, I’m relaxing with a good book or painting on canvas with a cup of coffee.

Q:  What’s your favorite workout other than running?
A:  Pilates! It’s great for the core (ab workouts are my fav).

(Love Park Run 2014)

Q:  What running shoe are you wearing right now?
A:  Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 (Color: Hawaiian Ocean)

Q:  Do you have a favorite pump-up song?
A:  “Trust In You” by Lauren Daigle (not your typical running jam… but it keeps my mind focused on The One above)

Q:  Have any tips for new runners or people trying to get back into running?
A:  Find your motivation. What or who are you running for? What is your goal? Ask yourself these questions and write down your purpose and goals. Hang them up where you see it every day. Tell them to other people. Sign up for a race. Make a weekly schedule. I do all these things to keep my mind focused, and if you persevere through whatever it is holding you back, you will learn the true meaning of mind over matter.

(Back on My Feet Track Meet 2015)

Q:  What’s next for you? Have any races lined up or a big running goal?
A:  I plan on running for awhile, even well after I graduate next year and say goodbye to the Temple Running Club. I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon this November, so I’m excited to see if I will run my best (I’m shooting for an average 8:15min/mile pace).

Thanks so much for the interview, Megan! Follow her fitness Instagram @itsmfitness for more on Megan.

Want to share your running story? Email me at I would love to feature you in a Run Life Co. blog post!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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