Fall Adventures & Monday Real Talk

Do you ever feel like you’re in a rut? That’s how I felt for the past few months. Nothing was going smoothly, even the smallest tasks felt extra tiring, and worst of all, my mind has been foggy. That always scares me more than anything…when I can’t focus and I’m lacking creativity and motivation. Even my confidence and personality were wavering.

Then last week something clicked. I haven’t been taking care of myself.

It all started around June/July. With all the fun outdoor workout groups going on, I was going to classes or running groups every single day. That sounds like a good thing, right? Wrong. I could feel my body breaking down, but I ignored the aches and pains to keep exercising.

Over the past two weeks, I cut back on everything. I was mentally and physically exhausted from trying to do too much, and I needed a break. I started having more energy and was able to start focusing on my goals again.

The other culprit? My diet. I’ve been cutting corners on meals – eating snacks here and there instead of healthy meals, grabbing something on the go, and not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it’s easier to make a quick breakfast sandwich rather than blending a smoothie in the morning or to eat pasta for dinner rather prepping salads for the week. But after doing that for far too long, my body AND my mind took a hit.

Now that I’m back to meal prepping and letting my body recover, I feel like a new person. I started taking more vitamins again, too. This is a friendly reminder to take care of your body. As my friend Pam always says, “It’s the only place we have to live.” A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and makes you your best self.

Speaking of your best self, I found my all time favorite Yogi tea tag this week:

This really spoke to me. Love yourself and trust yourself first! When you ignore your own needs and intuition, that’s when things go wrong!

On a happier note, fall is here and I’m savoring the leaves changing. I really missed this when I lived on the west coast…


On Saturday, a friend had a DIY cider making event. It was super easy, and the cider was delicious!

First, we crushed the apples:

Then, we pressed them and made the cider:
And voila! Cider!
Other adventures this week included rock climbing. This was my first time rock climbing and it was wayyyyy harder than I expected! Who knew that your forearms could hurt so much? The serious climbers there are super impressive. I’ll definitely be going again in the future.
Rock climbing
Saw this sign in Northern Liberties. We could use more of these around the city:
Caught a glimpse of myself before Students Run practice the other day and realized that I was destined to be a Phys. Ed. teacher based on my attire. What do you think? Still time?
Mel and I went for a much needed run on Sunday to our favorite spot.
We ended up chatting for a while and walking halfway back, because we both needed a good venting session. Sometimes you just need to hang out with your best friend and be yourself.
Public service announcement for anyone that wants to start working out (taken from Kayla Itsines’ Instagram):
Saw this desk sign in a store this weekend and realized that I need it…anyone want to buy me a gift? 😉
My go-to dinner lately has been shrimp tacos – both nutritious and delicious! I use soy sauce and lemon juice to sautee the shrimp and it’s amazing (thanks, Mom for that combo):
And last, but definitely not least, my “Bill Clinton America’s First Gentleman” pin has come out of storage. My friend and I saw Bill Clinton speak back in 2008 when Hillary considered running for President. Despite his personal actions while in office, I loved hearing him speak. I’ve been waiting to wear this pin for a longggg time:
Get out and vote on Tuesday, everyone! It’s our right in the U.S. that we shouldn’t take for granted.
Reminder that online Run Life Co. tank top sales will be discontinued very soon! Take $10 now with discount code “LASTCHANCE” at checkout. They make great holiday gifts!!
Hope you enjoyed my over-sharing for today. Have a great week, friends!

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