Have You Noticed? And Hydration Tips

Have you noticed how popular fitness has become? A few years ago, I noticed that running races were becoming more popular, especially adventure races. Now, I’ve noticed that all types of fitness events and styles are popping up.

Be Well Philly hosted their annual boot camp on Saturday, which reinforced this trend. The event was like a music festival for people interested in fitness. About 700 women and a few brave men came together to participate in the day of workouts, fitness speakers, cooking demonstrations, and tons of free samples! It was well worth the $50 for tickets.

The keynote speaker, Jayel Lewis, had me in tears with her story. Check out her awesome blog at inspirationallyfit.com.

(Keynote speaker, Jayel Lewis, who also hosted the best workout ever – Beyonce bootcamp – that day.)

(A glimpse of Beyonce bootcamp)

(Finally tried Snap Kitchen as our free breakfast treat. It did not disappoint.)

(Parisa and I biked to Spruce Street Harbor afterwards to meet up with our friends and soak up some more sun.)

As promised, here are some hydration tips to keep you happy and healthy this summer:

1. Drink water all day long. This should be a permanent habit in your life, but it’s always great to have a reminder. Read the blog post about salad water for ways to make your water more interesting.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables. They’ll help keep you hydrated, plus they’re delicious.

3. Carry water with you on your run. I only do this on the super hot days, but if you’re running somewhere that doesn’t have a water fountain, it’s a good idea.

4. Work out inside. I’m a huge advocate for being outside, but if the temps are too high (for me, that’s 80 degrees or over), opt for an indoor workout and spend your leisure time outside instead.

5. Hydrate while you drink alcohol. This was a big mistake for me this weekend. We exercised for 3+ hours outside at bootcamp, started drinking shortly afterwards, and barely drank water. I definitely paid for this later.

 6. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. For hours during the night your body is without water. Help yourself wake up and get fluids to your body first thing in the morning. It’ll set your hydration habits for the rest of the day!

– –

What are your hydration tips for summer running?

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