Life is an Adventure

Hi friends! It’s been too long. I took a hiatus from blogging to have some fun and get my life together. I’m almost there!

Here’s what I’ve done since we last talked…
Gave out hugs at November Project: 
Volunteered at Generation Run with Dan the Appalachian Man:
Spotted someone (Clare) in a Run Life Co. top:
Went to a BBG meetup:
Won some protein:
Hung out with this big polar bear, Atlas:
Went to Firefly Music Festival:
Silent discoed with some cool cats:
Hung out with old friends:
Saw a beautiful sunset:
Left the festival to be a bridesmaid:
Attended a wedding in the woods:
Watched my best friend get married:
Cried a few times:
Went BACK to Firefly:
Rocked out to Blink 182 with friends:
Closed the festival with a Mumford and Sons selfie:
Became a Students Run Philly Style camp counselor (this is how we dress there):
Ran a color run with our students:
Got a little messy:
Admired beautiful hair:
Met my mini me:
Sidenote:  You may notice that 99% of my pictures are with other women and young ladies. Our cabin theme at Students Run Philly Style camp (which was powerful in itself) was about lifting each other up as women, rather than competing with each other and pushing each other down. We were in a cabin of all girls and had a nice discussion with our students about this the first night. My co-counselor and I both strongly believe in that, which is probably we got along so well. This can apply to men as well…we should all be a community helping one another out. Remember that and lift up someone else today. 🙂 End of rant!
Ran more:
Hung out with 60+ students:
Bonded with our cabin:
Bonded with other running leaders and said teary-eyed goodbyes:
Made a new best friend (we were co-counselors and she’s awesome):
Tried my first Pilates reformer and rebounder class with a few friends (video on the Run Life Co. Instagram):
Had a blast and plan on returning to Freehouse for more classes:

That’s all, friends! Hope these adventures inspire you to try something new today. My agenda today includes November Project, lots of work, and stopping by a cat cafe. What’s on your plate?

We have a few interviews coming up from Temple’s Running Club team. If you or your organization would like to be featured on the blog, please contact me at I’d love to hear your running story! 🙂

– – –

What have you been up to?

Have any fun plans for 4th of July?

Have you ever tried a Pilates reformer or rebounder class?

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