Running Away from Problems & Grandma’s Life Lessons

We took a little summer break here at the Run Life Co. blog, but we’re back! How have you been? I hope everyone survived the heat. My running and outdoor workouts definitely took a toll over the past few weeks, but now that it’s below 90 degrees on the east coast, we can all rehydrate and get back out there!

Today I’m sharing something that recently came to my attention: running (literally) away from my problems.

This surfaced in a discussion with my grandmother over the weekend. My grandma has been my go-to counselor and advice-giver since I was in early high school. She has more insight into my life than I do and always helps me see the bigger picture when I’m upset over something small.

(I rollerblade or run next to her while she speeds around her neighborhood on her bike.)

When I was stressing out this weekend, naturally, I called my grandma.

While she gave me great advice on my specific situation (it’s a little too personal to share with the Internet), she brought up another important point…running (again, literally) away from my problems only works temporarily. That had been my plan on Sunday – to go for a run and forget about my problem at hand. I tend to use running or working out to distract myself from what is actually bothering me. We all do this in some form or another – Netflix binging, getting drunk, shopping (another one of my favorites), or exercise. But distracting yourself with these activities only provides temporary relief. While exercise over a long period of time is therapy in its own way, it can also be avoidance tactic.

I realized that I have been running away from problems for a large portion of my life. It works temporarily, but at the end of the day, I (and you) still need to confront problems head-on to resolve the underlying issue.

Other life lessons from my grandmother:

  • Be less competitive amongst others and work together to create cohesion, rather than needing the upper hand (I preach this same thing all the time, but it’s hard to take my own advice).
  • Less is more – keep life and your possessions simple. Fancy objects do not create happiness.
  • Spend time with your loved ones NOW, and appreciate them without taking them for granted.
  • Clear communication creates compatibility in relationships. Ask straightforward questions to get straightforward answers.
  • One of her favorites…if you have three friends that stay with you throughout your entire life, you have achieved success.

Life lessons will be continued in future posts, so check back. 😉

One more picture of my grandma on her bike, because I love her so much:

Grandma on bike

Now I’m giving everyone an assignment for today…

Choose three people or things in your life that you’re grateful for and write down why you appreciate having them in your life! Then read it over and over again until you’re in a super awesome mood.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! Talk to you again soon. 🙂

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