Stress Reduction Before the New Year

Did everyone have a great holiday?? I can’t believe that 2016 is almost over! This has been the fastest year of my life. I was talking to a family member about that over the holiday and they said that the years keep getting faster as you get older. I guess that means you have to enjoy each and every moment as much as possible. Carpe diem!

I always love this time of year, but it can be stressful, too – so many things to fit in before the year is over, pressure to be part of big celebrations, finances spread thin. This year has definitely been stressful for me, but I’ve found new ways to prevent anxiety and deal the small stuff. I’m going to share some of the anti-stress tactics that I’ve already been practicing and that I’ll be implementing more of into my 2017 daily routine. Hopefully you can benefit from them, too! Who’s with me??

8. Reading – I recently read an article that said just 6 minutes of reading can significantly reduce anxiety. From experience, it works!

(My sister surprised me with this book without knowing that I wanted it. Has anyone read it already?? P.S. I was wearing shorts outside yesterday…I wouldn’t be mad if we had more winter days like that. 😉

7. Essential oils – This is the latest, greatest trend in the health and wellness world. My whole family is really into essential oils right now, and they were a big part of my Christmas gifts. Whether they truly have magical powers or they’re a placebo isn’t clear to me, but either way, I love using them for everything.

6. Calming tea – Happy, sad, excited, anxious, stressed out, tired, or bored, I always turn to tea. I’ve been a tea addict for a while, but my favorite is Yogi tea’s Honey Lavender Stress Relief. A cup of this before bed always helps me sleep. I also enjoy Honey Lemon Throat Comfort when I’m looking for another caffeine-free option, which leads me to my next suggestion…

5. Cutting back on caffeine – One of the most abused drugs, caffeine, can definitely cause anxiety. I drink caffeinated tea every day, but I’m trying to drink less caffeinated teas these days. Yogi’s Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life is my favorite mild source of caffeine.

4. Good sleep – Sleep is so, so, so important for a healthy functioning mind and body! I’m super guilty of cutting corners in the sleep department, but I’m ready to be back on a regular sleep schedule in the new year.

3. Massage or Reiki – I grew up getting sports massages and going to the chiropractor, but now I’ve turned to Reiki (compliments of my sister). In Reiki, the practitioner channels energy into another person to open their chakras. You can learn more about Reiki here. My sister plays music with 528 Hz frequencies while she performs the Reiki. You can find this type of music on YouTube here. It’s great for studying and working, too!

(My sister and I at a wedding recently. She’s the best!)

2. Meditation – I’ve always struggled with meditation, but practicing it more often will be my number one resolution in the new year. If anyone has tips for getting into meditation, I’m all ears!

1. Exercise – Of course, my number one tactic for stress relief is exercise. It’s easy to stop working out in the fall and winter since we all want to go into hibernation, but I know I need exercise in my life to be able to think clearly and be productive. It gives me more energy and keeps my stress levels down.

(Thank you to my roommate Mel for my new favorite sweatshirt. It’s perfect for yoga at the gym!)

Happy New Year to everyone! Remember to get those resolutions written down and start working on them ASAP! Have a great day. 🙂

How do you prevent stress?

Have any New Year’s Resolutions that you would like to share?

Do you have any fun plans for New Year’s Eve/Day?

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