Think Less, Live More

I think a LOT…sometimes too much, so this is a great reminder to stop thinking and take action when I catch myself overthinking. Does anyone else have that problem, too?


In other news, music has been a strong influence in my life right now. I very much appreciate good music and envy anyone who can sing and play beautiful music. I thank my mom for this since she loves music and took my sister and I to a variety of concerts and Broadway shows when we were younger. I use music to motivate me for everything – even getting out of bed in the morning. The Weeknd and Daft Punk have my heart right now with “I Feel It Coming”. Here are the songs stuck in my head right now…

I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd & Daft Punk
Shape of You” Ed Sheeran
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” Taylor Swift & ZAYN
Working for It” ZHU & Skrillex
Come on Eileen” Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Bad Things” Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
Love on the Brain” Rihanna
Trust Nobody” – Cashmere Cat & Selena Gomez
Make Me (Cry)” – Noah Cyrus & Labrinth

Speaking of weekends and music, I went to two spontaneous concerts and had such a blast two weeks ago. A weekend of live music and dancing is a weekend well spent. Friday night was hippie jams with The Werks at The Foundry in Northern Liberties. Saturday was The Legwarmers at The Trocodero. Completely different genres, but both were incredibly fun. If you need to mix up your Spotify playlist, try some 80s music. You’ll probably know every lyric to every song.


I gave myself this cabbage tattoo for the 80s concert in honor of my sister:

IMG_1625.JPGWhat do you think? Get it for real?

Other things going on…

Melissa and I have been going on gym and coffee shop dates lately. Not a bad combo:



Benna’s (my favorite cafe) had this picture perfect (and tasty) chicken pot pie yesterday:


Post gym smoothie from the Run Life Co. ‘gram:

The concoction: banana, apple, pineapple, orange, avocado, Unicon Nutrition vanilla protein, soy milk, and topped with chia seeds.

The weather fluctuations have been keeping things interesting. How did we go from this one day…


…to this the next day?


“Hello, who’s there? Ah yes, hi there global warming! You’re really confusing my outfit choices.”


I pretend to be a photographer with my iPhone 5s sometimes:


Attempted to make a Cafe Rio salad because #nostalgia:


And made the most bomb seafood fettucini alfredo. Here’s the recipe. I HIGHLY recommend it! Healthy? Maybe not. Delicious? 100% YES!


More nostalgia when I found this picture from summer. Running in shorts & beer gardens need to come back soon.

“Global warming, still there??”

I took myself on a Philly running tour last Thursday and found Ben Franklin’s grave:

Then ran up his namesake and my favorite bridge, the Ben Franklin.

It was so cold at the top that my phone died while I was taking pictures. I do not recommend running over a bridge in 30 degree weather. I was freeeeeezing.

My parents’ Jack Russell, Arya, got sprayed by a skunk on Thursday night. My sister sent me a picture of her after she had to sleep alone for a night:

IMG_1683.JPG-1.jpegHave you ever seen sadder puppy dog eyes? She’s the cutest.

And how about we love more along with living more?

Everyone was taking pictures of the LOVE sign on Valentine’s Day. Speaking of which, I love Philly.

Enjoy the rest of your week, friends!

What songs do you have on repeat right now?

How has your week been going?

What fun outdoor activities have you been doing in the warm weather?

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