Working Hard & Running Accomplishments

Happy March, friends! It is officially running season. Woot woot! 🙂

Today’s post is about one of my favorite people…our dad!

Our dad has always been the hardest working person that I know. He started his business when he was 19 (and our parents wonder why Liz and I want to own business) and grew it into a well respected establishment over the last 37 years. He taught my sister and I that hard work = results. He’s right. As much as I try to take shortcuts, there is no shortcut for hard work. That is what creates results. This has translated to my work life, relationships, running career, and every other area of my life.

(Just casually throwing around hay bails while he’s on his lunch break.)

Outside work, our dad came to every swim and track meet, band concert, talent show, and ridiculous thing that we asked him to attend. He worked 12+ hour days and still picked Liz and I up from practices before going home to work around the house.

(CHECK OUT THAT BEARD!! And yes, that’s me – the baby with the huge head!)

In between, he found time to fix up old cars, take care of our many pets, and exercise on a regular basis. He loves to dance, dotes on our mom, and gets along best with children. Our dad is an expert networker and is always bringing people together on projects.

(Our family at a recent wedding where we danced together the whole night.)

He’s adventurous and willing to try anything. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. His latest venture? Raising bison! He has been talking about this for a few years and although it has been a long time coming, he is almost ready to make this a reality.

(Bison fences ready to go!)

I have so much respect for my dad and I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in my life. Yesterday was his birthday and although I couldn’t be with him on it, his birthday reminds me of all the life lessons that he taught me. My favorite lesson – hustle, hustle, hustle until you get the results that you want (and still find time for family).

(Our parents on vacay together. They are so CUTE!)

This leads me to my next topic (sort of)…

I love seeing and hearing about my friends succeeding, but I especially love hearing about their running achievements. I’ve noticed that more and more of my friends are running and more of them are telling me about their running accomplishments. I was at a party this weekend and three different friends started off our conversation by telling me how much they ran that day. This makes my heart so incredibly happy, especially when my friends are so enthusiastic about it!

I think I’m going to start giving out little rewards to my friends who tell me about their running accomplishments. This is what I do with my students at swimming lessons. If they do a good job at our lesson, they get a lollipop. But why should kids have all the fun? Sometimes us adults need a little extra incentive, too. Next time you see me, make sure you tell me about your latest running (or other athletic) endeavor. Maybe I’ll have a treat for you! 😉

What do you think? Super cheesy? Good – the cheesier, the better! If you have any ideas on what I can give out (candy seems to be the obvious choice), please let me know!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Have any races lined up for March?

What do you think about rewards for running?