Hi! I’m Jess. I love running, coaching, working with kids, helping other people, and talking to anyone & everyone. I’m bringing all these passions together through Run Life Co. and sharing the journey with you.


Running has taught me resilience and self-discipline. It’s allowed me to cope with stress, set and reach goals, and push through obstacles in life. It has led me to a community of strong, determined people. I want to share those benefits with others and grow that community through Run Life Co.

My favorite part about Run Life Co. is that it supports youth mentoring. I’ve worked with children and adolescents in many different environments – coaching swim team, babysitting, tutoring, and now as a running leader for Students Run Philly Style. The wonderful thing about working with youth is seeing their progress. Sometimes it’s immediate and sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years. Children and teenagers are easily influenced by their environments and the people around them. It’s our duty as active community members to give them a safe and healthy environment where they can thrive, surrounded by positive influences. Students Run Philly Style does exactly that. I want to give Students Run and similar programs not only my personal support as a running leader, but also financial support. That’s where Run Life Co. comes in, and that’s where you can help through your purchases. I invite you all to join me and improve our community by supporting Run Life Co.

Check out our blog starting here to hear more about the day-to-day activities of the company and to follow my journey as a runner.

Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to running with you! 
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